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World’s First Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier, ‘the Big E’ Makes Final Voyage

March 10th, 2012 · 6 Comments · General

World’s First Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier, ‘the Big E’ Makes Final Voyage | Fox News.

USS Enterprise is heading off on her last cruise.  My dad flew his second Vietnam deployment on board the Big E.

I never served or spent any time on her except for a meeting or two while inport, but that is some serious, honkin’ big US Navy history right there.


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  • Chef Mojo

    If ever there was a ship that deserved to hand down its name to its successor, it is Enterprise. CVN 80 should be Enterprise. There should always be a Big E in the Fleet.

  • Tammi

    Ironic. Back in 2000 I was tasked with the opportunity to make a video honoring the Military and our bosses had actually had the opportunity to tour this very ship. I used that footage and it was amazing. Of course, now no one can find the discs I gave them (including me) and that makes me sad. I was captivated with everything I saw….just wish they would have let this worker bee go on the tour with them.

  • Papa

    Ah, nostalgia! Where would we be without it?

    I first rolled wheels on her deck during workup carrier quals while with VA56 in the Summer of 1966. It was amazing! Not only the first nuc I sailed in but also the first ‘big deck’. She was truly amazing – not only in facilities and performance but also in esprit.

    On our way to SEAsia, we paused in Hawaii to receive our ORI, the big inspection that certified us to be ‘ready for combat’. COMFAIR HAWAII, who administered the inspection, had never seen anything like her. She received grades that were out of sight.

    When I landed aboard that day in May 1967 and was told by our C.O. that I had flown my last combat mission, little did I realize it would also be my last carrier landing in a tactical aircraft.

    And now, after 45 years, the reality that shes embarking on her final deployment is a bitter pill. ‘Big E’ is the last survivor of all the carriers in which I served. I will sorely miss knowing that she’s somewhere out there in the big world cleaving blue water and providing a ‘first line of defense’.

  • Dov

    I did my CQ on her as an ensign in A-4’s; now one of the guys I flew with as a Lt. is her CO; Bill Boomer Hamilton. Fond memories!

  • Doug Wills ABH3 1962-1965

    I served as an ABH3 yellow shiret 62-65. Is there any info. available on decomissioning dates/ceremonies/ reunions available?? thanks

  • Tamas Szorad

    I was lucky to spend an hour on Big E during her port visit in Split, Croatia back in 2006.

    Hope you enjoy the photos!

    Tamas Szorad

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