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Tomcat and Clouds

March 28th, 2012 · 6 Comments · General

Sometimes you can’t describe how beautiful it is up there. Other times you can show it. Even with all the trappings of technology surrounding you – strapped into that ejection seat, sucking down oxygen with a mask pinned to your face, electronic noise coming through your helmet, gauges, knobs, switches, two or three hundred pounds of high explosive warheads encased in sleek, slim missile bodies with rocket motors attached to their ends strapped to your aircraft…yet you still see the beauty.

VF-14 Tophatter Tomcat, Med cruise, 88-89, CAG 3, USS John F Kennedy.


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  • Scary

    I’m forever amazed at how beautiful it is when you’re alone over the ocean. Thanks for the shot pinch, I’m flying a Baron over from England next week and I’ll try and get something almost as good.

  • Old AF Sarge

    Whoa! That pic absolutely takes my breath away. Thanks for sharing Pinch. (Now it’s back to my cubicle, sigh…)

  • Robbie Robb

    Hi Pinch, thanks for the pic; I gazed at it for some time, keep up the good work man , you are helping to fill a void that has been noticeable for a couple of weeks. I have always felt so far away living in Australia but more so lately; thanks for all you and the others do to fill the hole in the chest that comes when you can’t be near naval aviation. God bless.

  • vf__101

    Pinch, what a nice picture.Show more I know
    you have them. I put this one on my desk top.
    Thank You.

  • BCons

    Great shot. I was on the TR – relieved the JFK in the Med in 89.

  • Cloud IT

    Is this Pic. really ?! Wow !

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