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Obama and Israel

September 12th, 2012 · 2 Comments · General

Let’s see…Iran is actively working toward an organic, home-grown nuclear weapon. It is their official policy position and they have said, multiple times and over and over again that they intend to “wipe Israel off the map”.   They have test fired numerous long-range missiles recently, and there is no hint of any relaxation on these genocidal policy positions.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu is dealing with these issues and threats, as well as an increasingly volatile national perimeter with the Muslim Brotherhood (Obama backed) in Egypt (when they aren’t trashing our embassy), Syrian rebels (Obama backed, or at least the anti-Assad elements) who are hostile to Israel. Netanyahu has to deal with an increasingly hateful, negative and anti-Semitic United Nations, and he could *really* use some help and support and some I’ve got your front AND back.

Instead, we have Obama telling Netanyahu, during the Israeli PMs visit to the UN in NYC next week, “Sorry Binny…don’t have time for you.   We have a “schedule conflict”.   Part of that “schedule conflict” is Obama’s appearance on the Letterman Show.

The Middle East is exploding, American Embassies and Consulates are being overrun and sacked and burned and Ambassadors and diplomatic personnel are being murdered, at least in part because of the flaccid foreign policy of this administration and Obama cannot meet with one one solid ally in the region because he wants to go on the David Letterman Show.

And what is his Secretary of State doing?   The Smartest Lady in the World?   Not a whole lot, that I can see.

“Smart Diplomacy”, he called it 4 years ago. I know many of you out there who are my Democrat friends don’t care a whit about this, and if you do care about it it isn’t Obama’s fault – its somehow George Bush’s fault.   But these are the fruits of the inept and inexperienced foreign policy leadership you elected.

Your man has pretty much tanked the economy, the military, foreign policy and just about everything else. Let’s vote him in for another 4 years.   Brilliant.


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  • Old AF Sarge

    Great assessment of the situation Pinch. Things are going to hell in a handbasket. Another four years of this type of “leadership” and I shudder to think where we’ll be at. In reality, no one is at the helm and the ship of state is heading onto the rocks. At flank speed no less!

  • Fderfler

    Hey, Football is on halftime and playing with my browser. What’s this? instapinch? Pinch used to have good things to say.. click… “Hey Look! He’s back blogging.”

    Okay, time to put you back in the rotation. Don’t let us hang!

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