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Obama Mural – Imagine Seeing This When You Go In To Vote

November 6th, 2012 · 2 Comments · General


Ward 35 in Philadelphia.  I am pretty sure that this is against probably a whole bunch of state and federal election laws.  I could not care less if it is simply in a cafeteria in a school.  An alternative voting location should have been arranged, but this is in Philadelphia, so laws and regulations do not need to be followed.

And imagine the children who have to attend that school.  All the little tykes need are those red scarves and a little red beret with an O symbol on it and the socialist mind warping will be complete. Cult of Personality. No different from Castro or Kim Jong Il or Lenin or Marx.

And this is the political philosophy that the Dems want in power for..well…the rest of time.  Who says they don’t want socialism?





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  • Laurie

    And I can’t even wear a button on my jacket when I vote…

  • Robbie the Aussie

    Hi Bill,
    the damage is now done and will take MANY years to recover. Australia did the same thing and are paying dearly but so many are to dumbed down to know. Our “fearless leader” is also a Fabian.
    Take care and God bless (help?)

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