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Iran Tomcats

January 4th, 2013 · 7 Comments · General

The news out of Iran about a government-ordered evacuation of the city adjacent to their nuclear development site, Isfahan, led me to Google Earth to see what the place was like.

The airport, as are many/most in Iran, is dual use, and off on the military side you could see a number of achingly familiar plane images next to concrete shelters.  They supposedly only have a dozen or two left of the 79 they acquired in the late 70s, but still…seeing those babies there tugs on the ol’ aeronautical Anytime Baby heartstrings.


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  • Scott

    Hey Pinch,
    Do you suppose they are sitting outside of the bunker as a defiant show of force. Since Mil Intel says they only have a couple that remain serviceable as the others have been cannibalized to make due since the trade embargo with America?

  • SoCal Pir8

    Maybe they are the only 4 still capable of rolling.

  • Ken Adams

    Looks like a nice target set…

  • Kath

    Parked there rather like an old “get-away” car outside a bank. Hmmmm.

    What are the half-round, loaf of bread slices, things off to the left?

  • Pinch

    Hey Kath, those loaf of bread things are concrete hangars for the aircraft. Why the aircraft are not in them, who knows. Iranians helped invent algebra but as far as these kinds of things, are not known for their smarty pants.

  • Kath

    I was not clear in my question — the already sliced loaf , off to the left, a bit buried in the sand is what I was looking at.

  • spencer

    I counted 8 Tomcats on my look around on Google Earth. There is one to the North though that appears to be parts and spares bird. Im guessing they put their best chance at defense from Team Blue Star around their most important spot.

    If troll around the main airport in Tehran youll find a bunch of old F-4s and F-5s to the south side and some old C-130s to the north. If you go further north across the road their are a couple of Tomcats there too.

    Down at the end of the runway there be some Mig 29s taxing….

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