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Grumpiness…after Butterfingers

February 1st, 2013 · 11 Comments · General

Changing lenses while at the Smithsonian last weekend and the Canon 7D slipped from my usually-clingy fingers.  It landed just perfectly – on edge to crack the LCD screen.

So, I ordered a replacement – an upgrade replacement, actually, in a Canon 5D Mk III.  This will be a significant upgrade – and will stretch the finances a bit for a while, but if I intend to remain serious as a Photog Arteest, which I do intend in some way,shape, form or fashion, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Onward…I think is what they say…damn the cost, full speed ahead!  I’ll be working for the rest of my life, anyhow, so why not spend while you can?


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  • Padre Harvey

    Wow. So whaddya gonna do with the old 7D camera?

  • Bob Kelly

    OW! Checked out the new camera. WOW! Looks really nice, Now all you need is a big fancy long lens to go with the big fancy new camera.

    Send the old one off to be repaired. Two cameras are better than one. I have and older one that I bring along when the weather is less than perfect and I still want to snap a shot or two.

  • Bob Kelly

    PS – Where is you photo blog?

  • spencer

    Wow. Thats a big big move to the 5D Mark III. I have two DOA EOS 1N film bodies left over from my Photo journalism life (also long DOA). And two perfectly good EF Lenses (17-35/2.8 and 70-200/2.8) both collecting dust. Ive been looking at low mileage 5D Mark II’s on ebay and I plan on pulling the trigger soon. They shoot fricking movies on the Mark II and III in 1080p so its a pretty damn awesome camera. Congrats!!!

    • spencer

      Oh, and having a full frame APS-H sensor versus the cropped APS-C on the consumer one oughtta be a perk as well. Your EF-S lenses should fit but Im betting their will be some differences. The standard EF lenses will work better with the APS-H CMOS sensor. If you poke around on ebay you can find some non “IS” (Image Stabilizing) lenses on the cheap.

  • Pinch

    spencer, nope, the EF-S do not work. I have an EF-S 18-55 that simply won’t attach, and after research it shouldn’t attach due to the way the glass is arranged compared to how the 5D body is constructed. EF lenses only.

  • spencer

    I figured there had to be some issue. Thanks for confirming. Congratulations!

  • Scott

    You could have lied.

  • Pinch

    lmao Scott…I saw that picture, as well, and I will indeed come up with a better story next time!

  • scot admes

    Bad for your camara

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