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Arlington Flyover

March 19th, 2013 · 10 Comments · General

Facebook and Neptunus Lex buddy LCDR Perry “Whisper” Solomon performed the missing man pull-up for this Arlington National Cemetery flyover for the late CDR Thomas Kinaszczuk, US NAVY today at 1500.  Their time-on-top was slated for 1505 and the time stamp on teh photo says 15:04:02.  Well done, gents.

I was at the Air Force Memorial and a side view of a Missing Man fly-by is never the best – head on or a slight oblique angle is ideal, but t’was the best I could do.


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  • Old AF Sarge

    Looks pretty special to me Pinch.

  • Tom Royals

    I was wondering if LCDR SOlomon’s NFO was LT Tom Royals…We heard he was participating in the flyover today…he was Dash 2 in the formation….we are trying to figure out from the great photo where he his plane would be…

    Any idea?



  • Tom Royals

    by the way, I am Lt. Royals’s dad, Tom Royals

  • Pinch


    Whisper passes “Tommy “AARGM” Royals was the WSO in -2. Closest to you in the picture.”


  • Patricia F Royals(Mrs Thomas F Royals)

    I am wife of late Col Thomas F Royals, USAF..
    and proud grandmother of Lt. Thomas Joseph Royals

  • Pinch

    Mrs Royals, thank you for your husband’s service, for your service and support and for your grandson’s current service! I can remember how wonderfully proud my grandmother was when I was doing what Tom is doing. Thanks again!

  • Hap Barko

    Great shot, Pinch. I’m noticing deployed tailhooks on three, but not “Whisper”. Forgive this old Bubblehead – is this symbolic of the three returning home?

  • Pinch


    Whisper’s hook was down, as well. If you click on the image, and then click on it a second time, it’ll load up in all its honkin’ big glory and you can see his hook down. CDR Kinaszczuk, the officer that was being laid to rest, was a VP guy, so no tailhook from his community, but Navy being what it is, having that hook down is appropriate, I think!


  • Kiwini

    Another one of our greatest generation has left us for his last voyage.

    He came from nothing, as the youngest of an immigrant family, and made his life into one worth admiring.

    Well done to all!.

  • Gary Parson

    I was there. Tom Kinaszczuk was my father-in-law. I have had the honor of being married to his daughter, Terry for 36 years.

    Tom was a great guy and a quintessential WWII vet, rarely speaking of his service. We learned late in his life that he spent five days in a rubber raft 500 miles off Brazil after putting his plane down in a manner that allowed all five crew members to survive.

    He earned a flyover based on the Navy Cross he received for sinking a surface German submarine off of Newfoundland in 1942. (Citation is here )

    The Black Lions of VFA 213 produced a spectacular flyover, as those gathered below watched in awe. The planes roared in over the Pentagon and executed the missing man maneuver with exquisite precision and perfect timing. There was hardly a dry eye among us.

    We sent the squadron a note thanking them, but this gives me the opportunity to thank them again, publicly. So, to all the men and women of the Black Lions and especially LCDR Solomon and LT Royals and other professionals flying that day, THANK YOU.

    Gary Parson CDR USN (ret)

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