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February 27th, 2014 · 1 Comment · General

Absolutely gut wrenching photo of what is happening in Syria.  From Powerline blog:

The Obama administration’s Syria policy has been a fiasco. I don’t think anyone seriously tries to defend it. That said, the humanitarian tragedy that is unfolding in that country is not the responsibility of the U.S. government. It is the fault of Bashar Assad and his minions, and al Qaeda and other radical Muslims who have forcibly taken over the opposition to Assad. The human catastrophe in Syria is almost beyond reckoning. You can look up the numbers, but what stunned me was this photograph, taken late last month. The scene is Yarmouk, a district of Damascus that is populated largely by Palestinian “refugees” and has been the scene of heavy fighting. The U.N. gained access to Yarmouk and passed out food there. These people are hoping to get something to eat.

The opening line in that blurb, “The Obama administration’s Syria policy has been a fiasco.” I think speaks volumes about what the past 5+ years have been like with regards to international relations and the US as a bulwark against global relations deterioration and rot.

When I think of the supposedly “brilliant” military people who have backed this President and voted for/supported him, “leaders” like Colin Powell and Stanley McChrystal, I really have to question the process and people who see them as “leaders”.  If these, and other military “leaders” of our recet past saw a competent “commander-in-chief” in Barak Obama, they are dumber than the doorknob on the barracks door of the newest boot camp greenhorn buck private.  “Smart diplomacy”, my ass.



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  • SoCal Pir8

    Site one example of anything this president and/or his administration has touched or initiated that has not been a fiasco or a complete failure/disaster to accomplish what was stated as the objective.

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