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Navy to name LPD 26 for Rep. John Murtha – Navy News, news from Iraq – Navy Times

April 13th, 2010 · 7 Comments · General

Nauseating does not describe this.

Navy to name LPD 26 for Rep. John Murtha – Navy News, news from Iraq – Navy Times.


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  • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Ret.

    Somebody at NavSea has got a serious case of terminal, cranial rectumitis. The only possiblity.

  • Pinch

    You got it Glenn. Can you imagine the Marines reaction to this? They’ll stand ramrod straight and salute crisply and sharply and then (I hope) do everything in their power to avoid serving on that piece of crap. I would.

  • John Carmichael

    I posted this at Tailhook Daily too…


  • Bill Barto

    If I were SecNav I would scrap the current naming convention and go back to the way it was during WWII, with some minor alterations of course. Some classes of ships we no longer have, like Battleships, and there are new clsses that didn’t exist in 1945.

    There used to be a time when all you needed to hear was the name of the ship and you knew exactly what it was (carrier, destroyer, etc.) Today that is no longer true.

    It’s a mess!

    And if an old ground-pounder such as myself can understand how it was done long ago, then it proves that today’s method is totally messed up!

  • Kevin

    The U.S.S. Abscam?

  • Jake the Snake

    Typical. A political hack (fmr democrat governor fm MS / the state only Arkansas admires!) nominates another, bigger political hack to have ship named in iz’ ‘on-her’.
    Payback for the remaining $ Murtha didn’t send to his own district, sending it to Pascagoula for ship construction. Back scratchin’ at it’s best.
    I’d offer 100 to 1 (or better) SECNAV ends up with a seriously cushy job with Northrop Grumman, heading its shipyard operations when he leaves DC.
    And that’s how we roll…
    Any takers?

  • Kevin

    I had a WW2 moment yesterday when watching President Obama complain about standing in the rain while visiting the Gulf Coast and knowing “who’s a?? to kick.”

    Now I know how comedian Michael Myers felt in WW2. Yes… Wayne’s World 2. “Is this the best we can do?’

    I know its too late to get Charlton Heston, but if BO wants to talk tough, he should get someone to give dramatic readings from his teleprompter. James Earl Jones maybe? Right now I would prefer Gilbert Gottfried making that statement over BO.

    As for when they name after a ship after BO, I fear the nickname will be “Lookin for A?? to Kick.” I suppose port, starboard, and stern will be replaced with Bow 2, Bow 3, Bow 4.

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