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Daily Pic – Day 279, Toga, Toga, Toga!

October 6th, 2009 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

It was Senior Toga Day at Gar-Field High School so Pinchette #2, Sarah, got all decked out.  Having Lesa and all her arts and crafts stuff was a game saver – the only time I ever wore a toga was at a pretty big bash back in college and I doubt I could have contributed much….umm….substance…to her day.  ‘Nuff said about that (come to think of it, Lesa was probably at that same Toga party back in college).

She looks absolutely Romanesque!

Sarah toga

6 Oct, 2009, Senior Toga Day, Sarah


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  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    And one day, we wake up and pow, they are married with kids of their own. And it does sort of sneak up on you.
    I still remember when Amanda was invited into the Rainbows and my good luck charm deer hunting. And now she has five kids. Hold on to it, tightly. But she is still my little girl, and will always be such.

  • Kath

    She looks great!

    Somehow I don’t remember having a senior toga day — what is the reasoning (if any) behind this event??

  • Matt

    Nice lighting. Oh yeah, the subject is gorgeous too.
    Argh I know there is a joke somewhere about “fall” and “rome.”

  • J. Carmichael

    I love the “Just take the damn Picture Dad!” look.

    Is that your Prius next to her?

  • Jake the Snake

    I had a toga party “back in the day”. It was all the rage back then as Animal House was making it big at the box office. The ‘Rents were out of town. It was on a Saturday night and all my rowdy friends were there. A good time was had by all. The following Sunday morning my brother and I were outside cleaning up making sure nothing was askew before M&D came home (think Risky Business without the panic). Anyway things looked okay. M&D came home, nothing was said, so I left the house headed out on errands. When what before my wondering eyes did appear, but a dozen or more white sheets strewn up and down the road on either side of the entrance to our neighborhood!
    Perhaps some friends had too good a time and couldn’t wait to enjoy each other’s company?
    Anyway, after many years I asked M&D if they ever knew that my brother and I had had parties when they were away. “Oh yes” Mom said, “the house was always cleaner than I left it so I knew ya’ll had been up to something”! D-oh!

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