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  • Oliver Semmes

    Your Papa was a great leader even as an ensign flying F2H3’s day, night, all weather…snow, sleet, rain…straight deck.

    Typical of VF-71 was practicing GCA approaches when the WX was 100 and a 1/4 or taking off on a runway so wet that the starboard engine of the first a/c through the intersection flamed out (Skipper had pilot return to the line, get a restart, and make his schedule).
    John’s picture is spot on. His humor and positive disposition were the stuff of good leaders. They do not come any better.

  • Mrs.T.Nathaniel Brown

    I’m very curious Why My spouse does Not desire To speak about his Past flight school training,?

  • Mrs.T.Nathaniel Brown

    When I ask about My spouse Past career As LT.JG. in the NAVY, flight school @ Pensacola He Gets Very Upset & Does Not Like to speak On his past Naval Officer school, Nothing I’m Wondering On Our 23 Wedding “Anniversary “Why He Is Very closed Mouth With me he got in the Naval flight School In 1978-1081, I Need To Know how do I ask R.just find out…

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  • Kathleen Hubert


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  • Johnny Miller


    I’d like to use your Iwo photo for my website, if its fine with you.

    Thank you,

    Johnny Miller

  • Charlie Brown

    Honour is all we ever had – and you guys certainly have it – Thanks.

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